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Join the NJNEOA

Become a member of the New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association.  

  • General Membership: Any Law Enforcement Officers (Active or Retired) are eligible to join.  
  • Associate Membership: Any Non-Law Enforcement individual who is interested in fighting the "War on Drugs" may join.
     For further information visit our:
      Membership page.

"President's Message"

     When we hear about narcotics news in New Jersey, often the first thing that is talked about is when Marijuana will be legal. The focus has become legalization of a drug that is widely considered a gateway drug. I am not writing this to spark a debate on the legalization issue. As most of our members know that the NJNEOA is strongly opposed to the legalization of recreational marijuana use. I am writing this to ask why we do not hear about the enormous over dose deaths from our communities and what law makers intend to do about the problem.

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"Message from the Editor"

     I hope everyone has had a safe and happy holiday season. As 2019 begins the time has arrived for NJNEOA dues to be renewed.

     Our membership period runs in conjunction with the calendar year, January 1st through December 31st. What that means is that if you joined the NJNEOA, for a 1-year term, during the period of January 1st through August 31st, or who is at the end of a three-year membership, your membership is expiring. As of January 1st, you will have a ten (10) day grace period to renew, if you haven’t done so already. Should your membership lapse, you will be suspended and unable to register for any of the free training available to members.

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Drug Awareness Program

     The NJNEOA offers a free Drug Awareness Program that is available for any school system throughout the State of New Jersey.  View our Drug Awareness Video Trailers link below to see what is available, and/or visit The Drug Awareness Program for more info regarding the program.

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